Welcome To My Blog

29th May 2019

Hi my name is Michelle & I am returning to this blog after several significant life events.

Recap for those of you who are new to my blog; current followers please bear with me…

In 2015 I had an epidural go wrong which has subsequently resulted in me being diagnosed with a neurological condition called FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) Which means there’s been a major ‘plot twist’ in my life & I now rely on crutches & a wheelchair to get about.

This is a new blog, but I’ve included some of my first ever posts around the time that it happened in 2015. Please scroll down & read  #LifeThroughACrutchLens to find out how that hashtag became a reality & now helps me cope in a Mindful way!

I’ve recently been asked by FND Hope UK if I would blog so people could follow my journey & raise awareness of this condition so this is why I’m back!

Part of my condition means my brain gets scrambled & I now at times struggle with reading & writing, so blogging is a major challenge for me at the moment so please forgive me if the words don’t flow like they once did


Hygge Touches To Help Me Cope With FND

Evening all,

Tonight I’m going to talk about one of my favourite subjects #Hygge & how I’m using the ideas behind this to help me cope with #FND.

(You can scroll down for an explanation of Hygge in an earlier post I wrote in June whilst in hospital, if you’ve only just joined my blog)

Last week I was talking about a little hygge project that 🦸‍♂️ was helping me with. Basically the furniture in my lounge has been changed around, my motivating factor for this was that I wanted to be able to see my beautiful fire that my Mum & Dad bought for me when I moved here. The fire had a coffee table in front of it, which was also preventing the leg rests on the lazyboy sofa from extending; basically the furniture was as it was placed the day I moved in but having been here for 5 months I’ve now worked out how I want it to be 😂

I wanted to create ‘zones’ so now by the fireplace are 2 armchairs, perfect for relaxing with a book. The sofa has been moved so there is nothing in front of it stopping the leg rests being used & the TV has been taken off the old tv stand & 🦸‍♂️ has fixed it to the wall on a flexi bracket but at the same height as it was so no hurting my neck looking up high. The TV can now be pulled out & angled when it’s in use & pushed back when it isn’t. This has created a cinema area for little man & me to enjoy watching films! From every chair you can now see the fire! (I’m thinking ahead to Autumn/winter when it’s roaring 🔥) it’s made the lounge look so much bigger & whichever chair you sit in there is a place to put your drinks, thanks to some beautiful tables my Mum has given me.

I’ve also included a very hygge concept of a blanket basket which is now sat under the TV & perfect to grab a blanket & snuggle up to watch a film! Relaxed coziness! This morning I took a slate heart & a chalk pen & made a snuggle sign for the basket & have entwined micro fairy lights around it.

I’ve watched a few films this last week & am now looking forward to watching more with my feet up right in front of the telly! My firestick is the best thing ever! Watching films allows for some escapism when I’m unable to read & also makes me rest which is very important in managing my symptoms!

films I’ve watched in the last few days!

I also have a basket of Hygge old fashioned toys which if you follow me on Twitter you’ll probably know all about! This idea started when I went to Hamford View, a vintage Tea shop. They had old magazines & games on the tables which created much conversation & enticed us to play a game of dominoes over lunch. That was it when I got back home I had to order a set & the idea grew from there! Games you can pick up & play that used to be childhood favourites such as Rubik’s cube, etch a sketch, Jacks, marbles, noughts & crosses, tiddly winks, solitaire etc. I’ve put them all in a basket & they are perfect for mindfulness moments. Just pick them up & play!

I also have a creative basket which I want to add too. Currently it has various adult colouring books & pencils in it but I really want to start making cards again too!

And the bag of wool, knitting needles & crochet hooks! I can’t do either but determined to learn! I saw on Pinterest you can make a bunny if you can knit a square, so I’m going to try & complete that & I had a go at crochet in hospital when one of my fellow patients tried to teach me, my crochet work left a lot to be desired but it was extremely therapeutic nonetheless! I’ve been trying to find some YouTube videos for absolute beginners but I think my brain has been struggling to follow instructions this week so I’ve not got very far but I’m determined to crochet something to send to my friend, in whatever state it turns out 😂 well it’s the thought that counts hey & it will give her a giggle I’m sure!

So there you have it! A few hygge ideas to help me relax & press the self care button. Ways of me trying to deal with my FND in a creative way! If you’re an FND warrior too I’d love to hear some of your ideas & ways of coping!

I’ve also had an amazing response from various authors after my blog about me writing my book & they’ve been sharing their top tips with me & offering their help! I’m so grateful to you all! I’m thinking I shall try my best to get writing again as & when my FND brain allows, you’re all an inspiration & it would be a dream come true to have a Shelfie one day alongside your books! Special thanks to Louise Jensen, Samantha Tonge, Mandy Bagott, Eliza Scott, Heather MacQuarrie, Sue Flint, Helen Rolfe & Heidi Swain 💜

Until next time #Namaste M x

Thinking Through My Fingers…

Evening all,

It’s been a few days since I’ve written a blog so a bit of an update! Thankfully 🦸‍♂️ started feeling a bit better Thursday night! He fancied gammon, eggs & chips for tea & a big give away that he was feeling more human was his desire to crack some eggs & get cooking! 🤣

We then watched a really good film based on a true story, ‘American Made’

Defo worth a watch!

Friday morning I had an appointment at the hairdressers to magic away the grey with my Mum, our ‘girlie time’

In the afternoon we went to the pool shop to get a pump for the pool & 🦸‍♂️ couldn’t wait to get back to play with his new boy toy 🤣

also a good clue 🦸‍♂️ was starting to feel a bit better especially as he then got his drill out for some Friday night DIY to continue our little hygge project 🤣

It was quite late when he finished his Dick Strawbridge task so we had a chinese take away, they delivered it & I started getting it out thinking I’m sure we didn’t order this or this & then there was another ring on the bell with our correct food! Luckily I hadn’t pinched a chinese chip 😂

So yesterday was horse racing day! I’d been looking forward to this all week, the weather was extremely windy but I decided to wear my dress regardless. Unfortunately on the way I got an email to say the after racing Queen tribute concert had been cancelled due to health & safety because of the weather but thankfully the racing was still going ahead & they are going to refund for the concert plus give us a free ticket for another race & concert. I’d already picked my horses out before we arrived (I’d studied the form the night before when 🦸‍♂️ was doing the DIY) 🤣 it’s the first time I’d been to Chelmsford City Racecourse for the horse racing, we’ve been there a couple of times for the food festivals but I was intrigued to see what it was like.

On our way!

My disabled parking permit had arrived in the post in the week so we just drove in & parked near the entrance & then went through to reception to collect our wristbands & because I’m disabled 🦸‍♂️ was given a lanyard as he was officially classed as my ‘PA’ for the day 🤣 this was sooooo funny & of course I didn’t make jokes about this at all! 🤪

Due to the weather inside the actual Grandstand was quite busy & so was the queue to the bars! Unfortunately once we’d got our drink we went outside & placed the drinks on the table & the wind blew them over. 😱 The outside bars had no queues but these were ‘cashless’ so you had to top up your wrist band & then they scanned the band to pay for items so this is what we did & I held firmly onto my wine after that 🤣

I had a special wristband that enabled us entry to the accessible viewing area ♿️ which was like our own little booth as we were the only ones in there. It was manned by a security man & he would open the chain & let us in & out. We had the perfect view to watch our winners & 2nd & 3rds come in! M’s Flyers 🐎 actually quite well! I did make one change to my original list when they made the announcement that Frankie Dettori was going to be a replacement jockey 🏇 I knew that he’d win & he did! He also did his famous jump off his horse at the end of the race!

I had one Bridget Jones moment (yes only 1 lol) when I went to collect my winnings & pulled a receipt for Decathlon out my bag instead of the betting slip 🤣the man at the tote laughed & said ‘you won’t get any winnings with that one!’

There were seven races in total & it was a really enjoyable & exciting afternoon. We had a little snack for lunch from the pizza oven & held onto it firmly as we’d seen several plates fly away in the wind like frisbees 🤣 & I didn’t fancy wearing mine!

As the Queen concert was cancelled we decided to go out for dinner on our way home & stopped at Bills Restaurant. (If you haven’t tried their mini sticky sausages from the ‘for your table’ section of the menu then you absolutely must they are lush! We also had some olives; well I did 🦸‍♂️ doesn’t like them lol) followed by burgers & a lemon meringue pie in a glass, like a sundae, with 2 spoons 😋 it was a lovely meal to round off a lovely day!

Over dinner one of the topics of conversation was about me writing my book (I really need to get on with this! I think it’s a confidence thing as well as #FND brain! I shall have to talk to some of my author friends for them to give me a kick up the bum & a nudge in the right direction!) Writing is kind of thinking through your fingers & you can’t edit an empty page! Thankful to 🦸‍♂️ for having the faith in me that I can do it & for the encouragement to do so!

So Sunday started with pool maintenance as the cover had blown off in the wind so we had to check all the levels were ok & 🦸‍♂️ cleaned the filter etc it’s actually quite therapeutic in a funny kind of way 🤣

Then 🦸‍♂️ left for the 500 mile round trip to pick up his children & bring them back for the next three weeks of the summer holidays. I can’t wait for little man to get back from Spain this week & for 🦸‍♂️ & his children to get back so we can all go on our holiday & spend some quality time altogether making happy memories.

My Mum, Dad & Ollie came over this morning & we had a yummy lunch (thanks Mum!) it’s been a really lovely afternoon & we were reminiscing over pics of when Ollie was a puppy 🐶 he’s grown so much although he still thinks he’s puppy size! Lol 😂

It’s been a really lovely weekend & I think it’s now time for me to chill & find a chick flick to watch 😂 so good evening folks & until next time

#Namaste M x

Imagination’s All You Need…

Helloooo & thank you all for the lovely get well messages for 🦸‍♂️ he is very grateful! The patient is feeling a little better today & more ‘woozy’ rather than ‘room spinning dizzy’ Apparently I’ve missed my calling as a nurse! 🤣

The good news is that the spa have given us a refund on our ‘spa & supper date’ we were meant to be going on this evening! 👍🏻

So it’s been a day of improvisation & I decided that as the weather is so tropical today that it should still have a hygge holiday feel. While the patient was resting this morning I wheeled ♿️ to the local butchers down the road & bought some yummy items, they said ‘it sounds like someone’s having a picnic!’ To which I replied ‘no I’m creating a ploughman’s lunch’ (as that is what 🦸‍♂️ fancied) I then heard the lady behind me in the queue say ‘what a great idea’ & copied what I’d bought 😂 the butcher laughed & told me I’d started something now! Exiting the butchers was done Bridget Jones style as I nearly took the hanging ‘plastic strip fly guard’ with me as it got caught in my chair 😱 ooopsie 🤣

I’d taken a shopping list with me but obviously ignored it & came home without any stamps & nearly forgot the french Stick & cheese so had to do a u turn! Haven’t had a ploughman’s for ages but it was very scrummy & felt very ‘lunch in a villa somewhere hot’ like 🤣

After lunch I decided that the sun & garden were calling me & so I set 🦸‍♂️ up in the shade & after I’d done some pool maintenance (adding more chlorine to the required level) I laid in the sun & it really did feel like I was on holiday, even to the point of thinking ok I’m hot now I need to jump in the pool, which is exactly what I did.


Relaxing on the water hammock floating around the pool, it was so tranquil! Of course what came to mind that would make it feel even more authentic when I got out & was drying off in the sun was a pimms 🍹 so I headed to the bar aka kitchen ‘ & some strawberries, orange, lime, mint & ice later I had the perfect pimms & that’s gotta be one of my 5 a day right? 🤣

See a little imagination & the day was still perfect in its own way (obviously it would be better if 🦸‍♂️ wasn’t poorly) but we still spent quality time together just being in the moment. Relaxing on the sun loungers, listening to music & isn’t that what you do by the pool on holiday anyway! Little man even messaged 🦸‍♂️ from Spain telling him to get well soon, which totally made his day!

To be honest just chilling for the day has been good for the soul! I shall update you on the hygge project I mentioned yesterday once 🦸‍♂️ is feeling well enough to help me complete it, so watch this space on that one…

“Use your imagination to visualize what may be, not what is. Then set your goals, take action and make what you imagined a reality.” Catherine Pulsifer

until next time have a hygge time!

M x

Nectar points have a lot to answer for 😱

Hi gals & guys it’s been a few days since I last wrote a blog & to be honest this isn’t quite the blog I was planning on writing!

I’ll resume from Sunday, if you’re sitting comfortably with a refreshment of some kind then I shall begin….

As you’ll remember I had my lovely fur bro Ollie for a sleepover at the weekend, he’s such fab company, I really missed him when he went home, he’s a great therapy dog but he was so excited when Mum & Dad arrived to get him 🐶 I was very excited too as they bought me a lovely prezzie back

So hygge & you know I love fairy lights! 😍

I also made a spontaneous roast on Sunday & Yorkshire puds after a request by little man.

Ollie with his big sis x 🐶

Monday was a strange day for me as I packed my little mans bag & waved him off for a weeks holiday in Spain 🇪🇸 he was so excited bless him; me, I’m counting the hours til he gets back! I kept myself busy once he’d gone & then watched two chick flicks on Netflix. My poor Dad got rushed to hospital by ambulance too on Monday morning, he’s home now resting, feel better soon 007! X

One of my fab pals also got rushed into hospital on Monday & is still there, what a day that was!

Yesterday was brill! I met my fabarooney friends at the beach in the morning, we had such a laugh I had cheek ache from laughing so much 😂 a wet bum from sitting on wet sand & making sandcastles lol & a happy tum from sharing some seaside chippies (just to let you know one of the fab girlies was only 4! Hence sandcastles 😂) however when 🦸‍♂️ came over he’d forgotten I was meeting friends & didn’t batter an eyelid when I said I’d had great fun making sandcastles, he thought I’d been building them by myself 🤣 because ‘nothing you do would surprise me’ he said lol 😂 sooo funny!

A quick shower & change later & it was the start of our ‘date week’ we’d planned a few dates for this week while my little man was away starting with a trip to the cinema to watch ‘Yesterday’ fab film thoroughly enjoyed it!

This was followed by a meal at an Italian restaurant where the waiter was patiently trying to teach me the correct pronunciations for the various dishes! I had deep fried asparagus with Parmesan sauce for starters & prawn & avocado linguine for the main course; I did have a Bridget Jones moment when looking at the menu & I said ‘I feel a bit prawny’ as in I fancied prawns but this was misheard as something else 😱 OMG you can imagine 🤣 I then had a fit of giggles M style lol can’t take me anywhere.

Anyway I was totally stuffed so shared a raspberry cheesecake with 🦸‍♂️ for dessert lol Was such a lovely evening.

So on to today & quite frankly nothing has gone to plan! 🤪

🦸‍♂️ was helping me with a little hygge project Dick Strawbridge style after hearing the words, ‘darling I’ve had an idea’ 💡 followed by ‘ok dear’ 😂 we found ourselves at B&Q however they didn’t have what we required so we decided to go to Costa for a coffee & then click & collect from Argos instead.

Now 🦸‍♂️ loves collecting his nectar points so ordered the items we needed through the nectar app. The problem being that the item accidentally got ordered from the town branch instead of the retail park we were at. We were time pressed because Careline were coming at 12 to replace my wrist alarm so 🦸‍♂️ decided to park in a side street in town, only the parking regulations had been changed & he actually left me in a loading bay while he went to collect the items. Typically a traffic warden came along & banged on my passenger window, with me apologising profusely & saying that 🦸‍♂️ would be back any minute. So I rang him & told him of the situation & he says ‘don’t worry I’m running back!’ The kind traffic warden decided not to give us a ticket & we were on our way. However on the way home 🦸‍♂️ started feeling really unwell & when he got out the car he could hardly stand up, his balance had gone & it was quite scary to see. I said he needed to see a doctor ASAP & they got him an appointment for this afternoon; thankfully his lovely Dad was about to pick us up & take us, it turns out 🦸‍♂️ has an inner ear infection which he didn’t know about & running earlier in the day had dislodged the ear fluid & now he’s really poorly! Antibiotics & anti dizziness tablets later he’s not allowed to drive & he looks the colour of the magnolia walls 😳 poor 🦸‍♂️.

Poor thing he’s feeling really bad that our ‘date week’ has gone a bit ‘Pete Tong’ we were supposed to be going to a spa, swim & supper date tomorrow night & horse racing & Queen tribute on Saturday. He’s also meant to be driving 5 hours on Sunday to be collecting his gorgeous children ready for our holiday all together when little man gets back. I said if he didn’t want to do the DIY he only had to say 😂 lol bless him & we really need to think of better dates than doctors surgeries & hospitals! 🤣 I hate seeing him poorly & going from being ok one minute to looking like death warmed up the next but I’m doing my best nurse impression 👩‍⚕️ & the most important thing is that he feels better soon! If only B&Q would have had the item in stock first thing, non of this would have happened.

I guess when we use the nectar points for a massive Xmas shop (which is why he’s saving them) we will laugh over our turkey about the effort & chaos those few extra points caused!

So apologies I’ve not been about much on twitter etc this week folks, I’m ok it’s just been one of them weeks & it’s not over yet!

Wishing you all a good evening

Until next time

M x

Labradoodle Love 🐶

So last night after I posted my blog little man decided he was getting in the pool, the sun came out & it was really hot so of course I got in too. 2 hours later we emerged 🤣 it was lucky that dinner had been taken care of in the slow cooker because 🦸‍♂️ came over to have dinner with us after work lol

We sat & had a music evening, I put Smooth radio on & we listened to tunes from various artists such as Lionel Richie, Carpenters, Beverley Craven etc & the conversation got onto Karaoke somehow & how it’s something neither of us have ever done! So I started singing along (badly I might add) to each song that came on, using my phone as a microphone 🎤 (or so 🦸‍♂️ thought) I actually shazamed each song as it came on so the lyrics appeared on my phone. This went on for quite a while & it wasn’t until later he asked how I knew all the words to so many songs 🤣 soooo funny! I could have made him think I was just genius lol but I fessed up & said as if I would remember all the words with my #FNDBrain 🤪 we were both in hysterics!

This morning our pool was closed for a little while for pool maintenance 🤣 it’s quite an education, never having one before!

So this little lot help to keep the pool nice & clean & hygienic. Chlorine tablets, PH reducer & dip sticks to test the water. 🌊

Once the levels were all ok again the pool was good to go & little man was in before I’d finished the sentence that he could use it again 🤣 he’s absolutely loving it! It’s given me an opportunity to test out photo burst shots to snap him in action 📸 & I got some really fab photos, capturing some amazing summer memories.

We have a visitor for the weekend 😁 my fur bro Ollie has come for a sleepover with his big sis 🐶 I adore him. He’s like a therapy dog staying by my side & listening to me nattering away & after dinner we’re going to watch a chick flick (I’m sure he can’t wait 🤣)

Ollie is so clever he bought me these beautiful flowers & a bottle of bubbles to thank me for looking after him! Awwww 🥰

(thanks Mum) 😂 x

So my lovelies I’m going to sign out & enjoy the evening with little man & Ollie.

Have a good night all.

Until next time!

M x


So I’ve had 2 deliveries today to make life with #FND a bit easier! You may remember I said last week that I ended up wearing a cup of tea 😱 well I now have a new thermal ‘travel mug’ not only does it make it slightly easier to get to where I actually want to drink it with the non spill top but it’s also safer!

Happy cuppa’s can return ☕️

The second parcel is a bun maker set; no not the cake eating kind but the hair kind. This hot weather & menopausal hot flushes mean my hair has been in an ‘up do’ quite a lot lately 😂 however I find trying to use the ‘donut’ style hair bun quite difficult because of my weak right arm & the amount of time it takes & the number of hair pins I need to secure it. So I ordered this little device off of Amazon & you basically clamp your hair in the middle, twist it up & bend in both sides of the gadget & hey presto you have a bun!

I’ve got a few layers in my hair so it isn’t all one length so to make it more secure I could add a couple of pins but at least the actual bun is there without me having to try & hold it in place & pin at the same time! #FNDLifeHacks

I had a phone call this morning from Chelmsford City Racecourse to say I’ve got disabled tickets for next Saturday’s afternoon horse racing & then to watch a Queen tribute act in the evening! Yayyy so excited. It’s been ages since I’ve been racing. I hope M’s Flyers are flying that day 🐎 🥂 oooh what shall I wear? 🤔 👗

Little man & me then decided to go to the beach for a late picnic lunch, the tide was in but our ‘picnic steps’ provided a good place to sit. I decided to pack something a little different for my lunch today; a mixture of Antipasto, a Spinach & feta parcel, Mixed olives & Greek feta & Mozzarella & cherry tomatoes 😋 I also remembered to take a cocktail stick to make eating it a lot easier!

We sat there for a while watching the boats & people on paddle boards, listening to the sound of the waves gently lapping at the shore before going for a stroll ♿️ well we both wheeled really as little man was beside me on his new scooter 🛴

I decided I was rather parched & fancied a cuppa so we stopped at the Coach House Coffee Shop, we sat outside & little man went in & ordered for me, when the lady brought the drinks out she said to him, ‘come back in a few years because I’ll give you a job!’ 😄 He beamed & I told him it’s because he’s a real gentleman with lovely manners & personality.

On the way home we had to make a stop at the shop for some nachos because this morning I made a chilli for dinner; it’s chuntering away in the slow cooker & of course you can’t have chilli without nachos with melted cheese on the top to dip in the sour cream! 😋

We’re chillaxing for the rest of the day now. It’s turned out quite hot again & I can hear one of those watermelon lollies calling me from the freezer telling me to eat it so I better obey 🤣

Wishing you all a lovely Friday evening!

M x

Happy August!

1st of August

Hi all, can’t believe it’s Thursday already & August! Time sure does fly! Apologies for the lack of blogs this week, I’ve been pressing the self care button as I was feeling rather cream crackered & just too tired for my #FND brain to compose anything!

So this blog will be a bit of a roundup of the week so far

The start of the week started with a bit of an engineer mare! Not to bore you but basically the bed engineer & BT were both due to come between 8am-1pm Monday so I got ready for 8am which isn’t alsways easy with #FND as getting ready takes time! Anyway during the morning I decided to call both companies to get a narrowed down eta time only to find that neither were coming! Good job I made the phone call huh! So bed engineer was Re scheduled for Tuesday & BT for Wednesday. Again 8am-1pm! I did however have a visit from Careline at 9:30pm Monday evening to check my equipment as my alarm keeps going off. The guy that came out though was more a first responder rather than a technical equipment person. I’ve spoken to them this morning & they’re calling back to let me know if I need a new wrist alarm as mine seems over sensitive, which doesn’t bother them at all they say it doesn’t matter how many times a day they check on me as long as I’m ok.

For those of you who have asked or are wondering why I needed a bed engineer it’s because I have an electric pillow raiser. Basically it’s like a cheaper version of the hospital bed system. I press a button & the back rest raises to the desired angle, I press another button & it lays down again. The problem at the moment is the pipe won’t stay in so I keep deflating 🤪 this is a really useful piece of equipment for me for when my right side is feeling really weak & also when my back is very painful.

Lol sorry if that little update was totally boring lol but keeping it real #ADayInTheLife & all that! 🤣

Anyway Monday the sun was shining & it was perfect for little man & me to enjoy the pool so that is what we did for the day! Also tried out the pool hammock chair which is so cool! Dinner was taken care of as we played in the pool, courtesy of my slow cooker, yummy meatballs gently cooking all afternoon, I remembered to use the cooker liners this time 👍🏻 so much easier!

So on Tuesday as I pulled back the patio doors, the sun greeted me & looking out to the garden I felt as though I were in a villa on holiday. My sun lounger with umbrella looking inviting, almost encouraging me to sit & start another book; the pool anticipating more fun later in the day. The best thing of all is there is no need for a mad rush to lay down my towel on the sunlounger to claim the best spot & it’s wonderfully quiet! Mine & little mans spot of paradise, our sanctuary & the thing that makes it feel even more like a holiday is the fact we are just a few minutes from the beach. This is our first summer in this home & I have to say we’re loving it!

Which got me thinking how hygge it is! That feeling you get when you’re happy, comfortable & completely content in the moment. Hygge isn’t just for winter lol the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures takes on a whole new life in the summer.

Flowers from the garden 👇🏻

Picking fresh flowers from the garden to fill vases indoors, getting in touch with nature & using the time when watering the garden as time of mindfulness. To really look at how the blooms are changing, tending to the dead heads & nurturing the flowers & shrubs so they keep flourishing. Engaging all the senses whilst tending to my kitchen garden, it might be small but it’s my ‘homegrown’ produce & there was nothing more satisfying the other evening than cooking the beans freshly cut from the planter. Thinking of ways to use my herbs in dishes & taking time to enjoy their scent. This is mindfulness & hygge all in one!

Summer hygge is fun, enjoying a glass of wine in the garden & alfresco eating. Reading a book whilst listening to the birds chirping or going to the beach & taking a spontaneous picnic & looking for shells (scroll down to see earlier post to read about our shell jenga game).

Looking out to my garden whilst writing this I have to say this is the loveliest garden I’ve ever had. I love that fact the layout has enabled me to create different hygge nooks. Different spaces to sit & each one giving a different viewpoint of the garden. It feels very hygge & for that I feel blessed!

The bed engineer I’m pleased to report turned up & has given me a brand new machine! 👍🏻

Tuesday was a sad day, my friend called me from the hospital to say she’d just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Life is so cruel dammit, cancer is such a biatch! No words are going to make her feel better right now as she processes this news other than I’m right here by her side & will be every step of the way.

She then rang me again to say there is a prosecco festival in September & we need to go! Lol I’ve had so many friends contact me about this 😂 will be a good way to all get together to celebrate our friendships & my birthday next month. 🥂

Wednesday was a bit of a nothing day, I was feeling zombie tired & was grateful for 🦸‍♂️ coming over he bought me some beautiful sunflowers & then he looked what I had in my fridge & within half an hour had dished up a carbonara in front of me (I ate it before I remembered a pic!) and then announced that he was going to try making meringues for the first time with the left over egg whites from the carbonara! These took about an hour & a half to cook so watched Beverley Hills Cop 👮‍♂️OMG how old is this film 🤣 but I stayed awake! Sometimes you just need to watch something you don’t need to concentrate on!

Super impressed!

And so onto today; I slept for 11 hours last night so woke feeling more human, it always helps 😂 Careline called me to say they’re bringing me a new wrist alarm next week, result 👍🏻 & me & little man have just been having a chillaxing day.

One of my twitter pals sent me a lovely parcel, a funny Mindfulness book & a tree of life pendant!

Such a lovely surprise & brightened my day!

The sun came out this afternoon so little man & me got in the pool & had fun playing & relaxing on the pool hammock & enjoyed eating watermelon ice lollies yum

So there you have it, my week so far! Hope yours has been good & I hope August is kind to all!

Until the next time!

#Namaste M x